Space Systems Laboratory

Command And Data Handling (C&DH)

The C&DH’s purpose is to command the sub-systems of KySat-2.  This includes commanding the IPU to perform Earth and star imaging operations, commanding the radio to beacon, receiving ground commands from the radio, transmitting data, changing settings, and commanding the EPS to power on/off the different subsystems.  The C&DH is also responsible for data collection and storage from the IPU, gyroscope, magnetometer, and temperature sensors on-board.  The design philosophy of the C&DH is to utilize a distributed architecture that splits interfacing and processing into two separate functions.  The processing core of the C&DH interprets ground commands and schedules actions, whereas small form-factor, low power-consumption micro controllers are responsible for communicating with the satellite’s other subsystems.  This design is an application of the SSL’s partnership with COSMIAC to create the SDM-Lite, which is an adaptation of the Space Plug-and-Play Avionics (SPA) standard, designed to rapidly integrate spacecraft.