Space Systems Laboratory


KySat-2 has three sensors from which data can be collected through the duration of its mission. These sensors include a six degree of freedom inertial sensor (gyroscope), a 3-axis digital compass (magnetometer), and a temperature sensor that resides inside one of the processors on-board KySat-2.  The gyroscope will gather data on KySat-2’s orientation, and/or changes in orientation. This data will then be used in conjunction with the imaging system that seeks to provide further attitude information on KySat-2 based on star field images taken in sequence to detect slue and rotational orientation changes. The magnetometer will gather information on the magnetic field surrounding KySat-2. This can provide further information on spacecraft orientation, and, will also be used as an educational outreach tool to demonstrate Earth’s magnetic field. Temperature information will be used primarily for educational outreach to demonstrate the extreme changes experienced by spacecraft in a typical orbit while passing into and out of the eclipse of the Earth.