Space Systems Laboratory


HAMSTER-4 (High Altitude Multi-payload Student Teaching and Educational Resource) is Kentucky Space’s latest high-altitude balloon mission, and will launch on April 06, 2012. The primary payload of HAMSTER-4 will be a senior design project CoDeBReAKeR (Controlled Descent Balloon Recovery Advanced by Kentucky Research). CoDeBReAKeR will be logging GPS position data during the flight as well as transmitting position via APRS. Data from on-board magnetometer, gyroscope, and accelerometer will also be logged and will aid in further development of the flight recovery systems required for CoDeBReAKeR. Additional payloads on HAMSTER-4 will include a standard GPS recovery system (SPOT), and an additional prototype APRS tracking system.

CoDeBReAKeR APRS Position Beacon: 300mW 144.390 MHz, callsign KJ4PBI-11

RTrack APRS Beacon: 144.390 MHz, callsign KJ4VZJ-11

Launch Location Date Time GPS Coordinates
Floyd’s Fork Park
4002 South Pope Lick Road
Louisville, Kentucky 40299
April 06, 2012 10:15am EST 38.183511,-85.488321

APRS Tracking:

CoDeBReAKeR APRS Tracking for HAMSTER-4

RTrack APRS Tracking for HAMSTER-4

SPOT Tracking:

SPOT GPS Tracking for HAMSTER-4

Flight Path Prediction:

Flight Path Prediction for HAMSTER-4