Space Systems Laboratory

Amateur Radio Operators

The Space Systems Lab appreciates any help in finding and tracking KySat-2 once it gets in orbit.  Feel free to use the information below to track KySat-2 and if you are able to catch any packets or beacons, please send related data (decoded packets, audio recordings, etc.) to  For more information on CubeSats, visit


Tracking Information

Current TLEs for KySat-2 (can also be found at

1 39384U 13064E   14020.03918626  .00016653  00000-0  68095-3 0   424

2 39384 040.5075 254.6359 0002787 309.5727 050.4832 15.23934061  9297

Beacon Information

  • Frequency: 437.405 MHz
  • Modulation Scheme: FSK
  • Data Rates: 9600 Baud
  • Protocol: AX.25
  • Output Transmit Power: ~1.5W
  • Beacon Period: 15 seconds
  • Callsign: KK4AJJ

KySat-2 Software Downloads

Version 2.1 will be replaced soon; please use Version 2.0 for now

Version 2.0

64-Bit KySat-2 v2.0 GSW Direct Download

32-Bit KySat-2 v2.0 GSW Direct Download

Version 1.0

32-Bit KySat-2 GSW Direct Download

64-Bit KySat-2 GSW Direct Download